October 20, 2021

McLaren GT Ride-On Makes Your Kid The Coolest On The Block – Motor1

Jul 21, 2021 at 11:03am ET


Jul 21, 2021 at 11:03am ET

McLaren launches the GT Ride-On for kids looking to get around the playground in style. It’s the fourth tiny vehicle like this from the British automaker, meaning a child could have a garage full of McLarens to pick from to take for a drive.

This diminutive GT has dihedral-opening doors, just like the real thing. Once inside, turning the key activates engine sounds. The accelerator pedal adds some revs to the noise and the brakes activate LED taillights

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The GT is more high-tech than the ride-on cars you probably grew up with. The infotainment system can play music from a USB device or SD card, so the kid can enjoy some tunes while driving around. As an option, there’s a version with a screen capable of playing MP4 video files.

“At McLaren Automotive, we aim to inspire the future generation of supercar enthusiasts. The new GT Ride-On allows even the smallest of fans to discover the magic of our pioneering supercars,” said Hayley Robinson, the Merchandise, Licensing & Partnerships Manager of McLaren Automotive.

McLaren recommends the car for children from three to six years old. Kids can choose from six colors: Amaranth Red, Burnished Copper, Burton Blue, McLaren Orange, Onyx Black, and Silica White. The bad news for parents is that the GT ride-on starts at $230 and goes as high as $330, depending on the options. It’s available for sale now.

The price is on the lower end of what McLaren charges for other ride-ons. For example, the Senna goes for a pricey $582. The 720S retails for £315, and the P1 goes for £375. For younger kids, there’s also the 570S push car that costs just $79.99.

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